Corrugated Consumables

3M Corrugated Tapes

You are challenged to make products and processes better. 3M have the science to help. Borrow from one technology, such as one...
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Roger’s open-cell urethane R/bak® cushion mounting foams and Rogers Tapes are just what printers worldwide rely on for shock absorption, cushioning, compressibility,...
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Adheso Graphics Corrugated Products

FlexSoft® PVC/Foam Backing Mounting Material FlexSoft® P-Series materials are constructed using flexible .030 PVC carrier sheet materials laminated to micro-cellular white foam...
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PVC Backing

PVC Tech .030 PVC Backing Available in the following lengths: 48”, 62” Available Colors: Clear, Blue Translucent, Yellow Translucent, Opaque Yellow Additional...
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Corrugated Accessories

Mounting Strips, Leadedge and trailed strips Evol strips Grommets